One Coin Launching in the USA May 15th Digital Currency Trends

One Coin Launching in the USA May 15th Digital Currency Trends

If you liked Bitcoin you will love Onecoin

I am not sure if you followed BitCoin but it was one of the best performing investments in the last 7 years appreciating from $.25 to $1203 at the high – If you would have bought 10,000 coins for $2500 it would have grown to $10,000,000 and you would not be reading this private message. Well I have some interesting news for you – I have found a European company that in 7 months has grown to the size of BitCoin and their CryptoCoin is going to trading in May of 2015 – The starting price is approximately $1 – The company’s first year projections are $2.50-$5.00 frankly I think they are being very conservative. I recently purchased 10,000 coins and I have been selected as a leader to launch the company in the USA. They are already well established worldwide and the founder of the company will be featured on the cover of Forbes in Europe next month. She holds a law degree from Oxford, a Masters in Finance and was a former partner at McKenzie Consulting – In the last two years she have been named Entrpreneur of the year in Bulgaria. – I have a sneak preview video that provides the details of the company – Let me know if you want more information. – Best to you

OneCoin is not a copy of a BITCOIN.
It is new generation of cryptic currency.
You can find same, proven qualities from OneCoin that BITCOIN have, but there is also so much more in OneCoin.

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